Homesteading: A New Frontier

There are a lot of homesteading blogs out there. In fact, there are a lot of blogs about pretty much any subject you can think of. So why make a new one?

Well, here’s the deal. I’m a new homesteader. I was raised in a small Midwest town, spent most of my adult life living in various cities throughout the US, and then I walked away from all of it to move to Nowhere, Montana. I had a long list of reasons for doing so, and you could probably already relate to many of them if you’re reading this site.  I’m not a hippie, I’m not trying to be one with the earth, I just want to live a different kind of life — one of self-reliance, liberty, and (let’s be real here) hard work. So here I am, researching and learning and asking questions as I go.

Some might say that I should wait until I know more about homesteading before I start writing about it. Well, since I’ve been here I’ve learned plenty — some of it the hard way, and some of it from studying everything I can get my hands on. I figure there have to be others like me around, trying to make it in the American Redoubt, learning by doing and asking and sometimes just by screwing it up. If I can help someone else by documenting my successes and failures as I go, great. And in the process, I’ll share the books I’m reading, what sites I rely on, and some of the stuff I found I can’t live without. Of course, I’m always open to new, better, more efficient ways to do things, too, so if you come across a post of mine and think, “Good GRIEF there’s such a better way to do that,” please tell me. Comment right there so we can all learn together. Sound like a plan? Thought so. Homesteading, after all, is about community too.  So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find some value here that you can apply to your own homesteading efforts, whether you’re in Montana, somewhere else in the Redoubt, or even back East.

Let’s get started, shall we?