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We come from northern Wisconsin and central California, and we somehow ended up married and living on the side of a mountain in Western Montana, quite a ways from anything resembling a real town. It’s hard work, but it’s also the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done.  There’s something truly special about making a piece of land your own and using it to provide a life. We love it here; in some ways, it feels more like home here than anywhere else we’ve lived — and we love it just the way it is.  As Montanans, we don’t want to change our new home into the place we left — we want to help contribute to the things that made Montana the beautiful, amazing culture it already is.

We want to live simply, without interference and in a way that helps our family and our community.  We are all about working to ensure that we are prepared for anything and that we are able to contribute in a positive way to the world around us.

While we’re fairly new to homesteading, we are learning fast and working hard. We hope to share the knowledge we’ve gained along the way so far, and hope to learn from our readers as well. Any money we earn from affiliate links goes back into our property, and frees us up to keep pushing toward our ultimate goal of total sustainability. Okay, so maybe it also buys coffee. A lot of coffee. And sometimes maybe a tiny bit of chocolate.

You can drop us a line at info – at – montanahomesteading.com or just fill out the form below. Thanks for checking us out!

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